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Beyond Tantrums: Connecting with a Troubled Three-Year-Old

This episode features the audio from one of our ACO case presentation series webinars, “Beyond Tantrums: Connecting with a Troubled Three-Year-Old” In this episode, Alberto Foglia, M.D. tells Dr. Burritt about a three-year-old girl named Aline that he’s treating for terrible tantrums, problems sleeping, and silly clown-like behavior. He explains how her treatment vividly demonstrates a key discovery of Wilhem Reich which is fundamental for Medical Orgone Therapy.

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Handling a Teenager’s Rage in Therapy

This episode features the audio from one of the ACO case presentation series webinars. Jackie Bosworth, M.D. tells Dr. Burritt about her adolescent patient Drew who lived in a residential treatment facility for children at risk. She had great difficulty managing her anger and frustration and attacked anyone who got in her way. Listen in to hear how Dr. Bosworth was able to connect with Drew and provide relief for this teenager’s pent-up emotions. The doctors also respond to audience questions about self-harm and managing children who need healthy outlets for their anger.

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