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Problems of Childhood Self-Regulation in an Age of Permissiveness: Journal of Orgonomy Article

This episode features the narration of the article Problems of Childhood Self-Regulation in an Age of Permissiveness by Peter A. Crist, M.D. reprinted in the Journal of Orgonomy Volume 46 number 2. Originally published in Volume 33 in 1999, Dr. Crist’s article is even more applicable today as parenting has become increasingly indulgent in today’s anti-authority social environment. We hope you’ll share this important information with parents and educators so that those responsible for child-care can have a functional perspective, free of both moralism and an “anything goes” lenient approach.

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A Family Deals With Its Emotions: Part I – A Discussion with Dr. Chris Burritt

This episode features a discussion with Chris Burritt, D.O. about his article published in the Journal of Orgonomy entitled, “A Family Deals with Its Emotions: Part I.” After reading the article about two parents managing their young child’s emotional upheaval, Dr. Burritt discusses with Susan Marcel, D.O. how he has helped this family and others balance emotional expression with restraint when it comes to healthy ways for both children and parents to express themselves. He also addresses a parent’s counter-productive emotional character traits, and how to manage the way parents relate to each other.

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