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Using Play in the Therapy of an Angry Little Girl

This episode features the audio from one of the ACO case presentation series webinars. Salvatore Iacobello, M.D., tells Dr. Burritt about his six-year-old patient Kayla, who had episodes of anger as well as severe temper tantrums mostly at home, while she was well behaved at school. Her parents sought treatment with Dr. Iacobello because they were unable to effectively deal with this out-of-control child.

Dr. Iacobello utilized play in Kayla’s therapy, providing her with an outlet for emotional expression. Using play also gave the child the opportunity to have the emotional contact she very much needed. Find out how Dr. Iacobello’s methods resulted in a marked reduction of anger episodes and temper tantrums, as well as a significant and positive change in Kayla’s functioning.

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