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A Sexually Confused Young Man

This episode features the audio from one of our ACO case presentation series webinars, “A Sexually Confused Young Man.” In this episode, Edward Chastka, M.D. tells Dr. Burritt about Bill, a 19-year-old young man who came to him after being discharged from a psychiatric facility where he’d been hospitalized briefly after developing an acute psychosis. His psychotic episode appeared to have been triggered by the increased use of alcohol, cannabis and occasionally, amphetamines.

As Bill emerged from his psychosis, he revealed a history of confusion and fears about his sexuality. Initially, Dr. Chastka’s therapy focused on resolving Bill’s confused and psychotic thinking and then was directed toward helping him discern the relationship between his sexual fears and his paranoid and delusional thinking. Listen in to hear how Dr. Chastka helped Bill understand his sexual feelings and realize what kind of intimate relationship was best for him.

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