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Marijuana: Coming Out Of The Fog

There is a lot of talk about marijuana in the news recently whether about recreational use or “medical” use. How much have you heard about the emotional effects it has on young people? Listen to Dr. Peter Crist M.D get to the heart of his patient’s problem and hear how together they address his “who cares” attitude only reinforced by his drug use.

A Different Kind of Psychiatry

Dr. Peter Crist M.D.

Psychiatric Emergency: Opportunity For Positive Change

Listen in and hear how Dr. Phil Heller M.D. turns John’s emergency into an opportunity for positive change. Highlighted in this presentation is the importance of a trusting doctor-patient relationship and truly understanding how a person’s characteristic attitude can be used to defend against strong emotions.

A Different Kind of Psychiatry


Life Without Medication

Listen to one patient’s struggle to feel more and face difficult emotions in therapy with Dr. Dale Rosin as she decides to live life without medication.

A Different Kind Of Psychiatry


Intro: In Contact with the ACO

Check out the intro to our podcast to find out what InContact with the ACO is all about and learn more about A Different Kind of Psychiatry!

A Different Kind Of Psychiatry